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We are really excited to offer our Grow Your Own Kits.

Imagine tasting your own handmade bread, warm from the oven…..Even better than this, imagine the satisfaction of having grown all the wheat yourself to make the bread! Did you know, you can grow enough wheat in one square metre to make a loaf of bread!

Perfect for growing in your garden, allotment or even a Window Box! This kit contains everything needed to take you on a fascinating journey from sowing, to harvesting and baking your own organic bread.

We are Mark and Shona from Sunny Orchard Farm and we grow natural food, by hand, sustainably. Our farm is totally off-grid and organic. We believe that growing food in harmony with the environment is not only good for the land but also for us and the wider world. Plus it tastes so much better! We love growing our own wheat, making our own bread and living as self-sufficiently as possible. All the seeds in our kits are hand-grown by us on our Lake District farm in the UK.

Join us in growing low carbon, plastic-free, ethical, organic food. This kit is a perfect gift for gardeners and would-be gardeners alike. Educational and very fun for adults and children/kids. We have selected and grown this wheat seed especially for small scale growing and breadmaking. The wheat you grow from this kit can also be saved and used for your next crop. The kit includes a step-by-step instruction booklet specially written by us, and takes you through sowing, growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing and storing your wheat. No special tools are required. Also included are 3 of our favourite bread recipes for you to enjoy. Included in this Kit: – A pack of organic wheat seeds (enough to grow at least 1 loaf of bread) – A wooden planting/spacing stick – A step-by-step booklet describing how to sow, grow, harvest and store your wheat – Recipes for you to make classic wholemeal, sprouted wheat and sourdough bread.

Each Kit is £5.99  Delivery is Free to the UK. (International orders add £3)

Available direct from us via this paypal link

Or available on Amazon and ebay

Thank you. We hope you enjoy growing your own bread!


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