You can Grow Your Own Bread!


Growing our own food is a big part of our lives here on Sunny Orchard Farm. One of our main crops for self-sufficiency is wheat. When we first started growing we assumed wheat was for large farmers with tractors and combine harvesters, not for small scale growers. We also thought it wouldn’t grow well in our damp northern climate.


What we’ve found is that on a small scale, wheat is easy to grow and actually really productive. It is possible to grow enough grain in one square metre to make a good size loaf of bread. In terms of calories per square metre, it is one of the most productive crops out there. It also stores really well, making it an ideal year-round food. 

We’ve been growing different grains for several years now and wheat has done especially well. Our favourite way to eat it is to make sprouted wheat bread which is extra sweet, full of vitamins and doesn’t require grinding to flour first either.

We’re so enthusiastic about growing wheat and making bread that we have created a ‘Grow Your Own Bread Kit’ so that others can enjoy the experience too. The kit contains our own organic wheat seed, sustainably grown and harvested on our off-grid farm. We have selected and grown this wheat seed especially for small scale growing and breadmaking. This means the wheat is perfect for growing in your garden, allotment or even a window box. The wheat that you grow yourself from this kit can then be saved and used for your next crop, so you can continue growing and making more bread. 

The kit includes a step-by-step instruction booklet specially written by us, and takes you through sowing, growing, harvesting, threshing, winnowing and storing your wheat.  It also includes are 3 of our favourite bread recipes for you to enjoy; classic wholemeal, sprouted wheat and sourdough bread.  A measuring stick is included for sowing the seed. No special tools are needed except for maybe a pair of scissors for harvesting.

Join us in growing low carbon, plastic-free, ethical, organic food! This kit is a perfect gift for gardeners and would-be gardeners alike. Educational and very fun for adults and children/kids.

You can buy the kits here :

We hope you enjoy growing your own bread!

Why I don’t turn waste paper into ‘logs’ for the fire.

When I first moved onto my land I had a huge amount of paper and cardboard left over from the various tools and equipment and plants I had bought to start my new life with.

It seemed resourceful to use this in some way so I bought a paper briquette log maker. The same as the one in the picture. Basically a metal press for squeezing wet paper into a ‘brick’. Once dry the briquette could go in the stove to provide free fuel.

Paper log maker
Cost me about £18 at the time.

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Going to Seed

What to grow for the coming year is on my mind now. Odd as it may seem in the depths of winter, with ice on the ground outside, there are only a few days to go before the first seeds go in. I sow organic tomatoes, peppers and aubergines indoors just after New Year and nurse them on my (very large) windowsill. Some of the organic seeds I buy, some I have already saved.

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